David Brooks: Trump And The "International Tea Party Movement" See Russia As A Potential Ally "Against Islam"

<i>New York Times</i> columnist David Brooks comments on Donald Trump's reaction to allegations that Russia tried to help him win the election. <blockquote>DAVID BROOKS: This thing is happening on two levels. The first level is the gravitational pull of Donald Trump's ego, which is like Jupiter coming through the solar system, around which everything must revolve. And he cannot admit that he won this election with anybody else's help. And so he just wants to say, "It's me, it's me." But to me, the more important thing is a shift in strategies that I think a lot of people in this Trump administration, Steve Bannon, and others want to do, which is all through all our lifetimes, Republicans, Democrats have basically supported the post World War II international order and seen Russia, or the Soviet Union, as a threat to that. Bannon and others in the international tea party movement do not support that order. They see Russia as a potential ally of nationalist populists against Islam. And that would be a fundamental shift in American foreign policy if we're more pro Russia than we are pro NATO. And to me, one of the interesting things in this whole administration will be Bannon versus Trump. That is to say a guy with the ideology versus a guy with no attention span who sees a lot of shiny objects.</BLOCKQUOTE>