Don Lemon: Kanye West "Not Very Bright"

CNN's Don Lemon said rapper Kanye West is "not very bright" after he played a clip of <a href="">the artist on a Chicago morning show talking about Trump support and how he can connect with the community</a>. West said Trump "cares" about how black people feel about him and "he would like for black people to like him like they did when he was cool in rap songs." He also said Trump can't be the "greatest president" without black support. "He cares about the way black people feel about him and he would like for black people for him like they did when he was cool in the rap songs and all this, and he will do the things that are necessary to make that happen because he's got an ego like all the rest of us... he knows that he can't be the greatest president without the acceptance of the black community," <a href="">West said Thursday</a>. On the Thursday broadcast of his CNN show, Lemon likened West to <a href="">a foolish black character on the sketch comedy show <i>In Living Color</i></a> who would use words without knowing what they mean and had a tendency to nonsensically ramble on. "Do you remember on <i>In Living Color</i>, Oswald Bates?" Lemon asked guest Angela Rye. Lemon then did a presentation of the unintelligible Oswald Bates, making the guest laugh. "If you listen to the entire interview that's what it sounds like," Lemon said of Kanye West. "It's like a word salad where you realize that Kanye West, entitled to his own opinion, but is not very bright and not very -- he -- when -- I'm talking about this issue, not overall, but when it comes to these issues, he's not clued in," Lemon said. Lemon quickly backtracked after Rye started to look uncomfortable at the broad comment "Ohhh," Rye reacted after the 'not very bright' comment. "He needs to read about it before he speaks about it. I'm not saying he's not a bright person. I take that back. It's not what I meant," Lemon said in an attempt to clean up his original statement. "Okay, I hear you," Rye said calmly. Lemon said instead West "needs to look at a book" and "understand what he's talking about." "When it comes to this particular issue he needs to, like, look at a book, read some history and understand what he's talking about," Lemon finished. Rye said she believes that Kanye West believes that Trump likes and cares about black people. Rye said it has been shown that <a href="">"Donald Trump does not care about black people."</a> "I believe that Kanye West believes that Donald Trump cares about what black people think about him," Rye said. "That does not mean that Donald Trump cares about black people, right." "What we know is what Donald Trump actually does," she said. "So what I would encourage Kanye to do -- Kanye, if you're listening, please go back and read all the things that exist. It doesn't even have to be a book. It can be the articles, it can be the tweets, it can be the timelines that we've all put out since the campaign showing that Donald Trump does not care about black people. If he cares about what black people think about him then he should start doing right by black people." "We can respect his opinion, but we don't have to respect his ignorance," Lemon later said.