Angela Rye: Maxine Waters Criticism Has Everything To Do With An Intimidating Black Woman Telling The Truth

Steve Cortes of the Trump re-election Advisory Council and former Congressional Black Caucus adviser Angela Rye have a heated argument over Rep. Maxine Waters' (D-CA) call for people to publicly harass Trump White House staffers on the Tuesday broadcast of Erin Burnett's CNN program. While the conversation started on House Speaker Paul Ryan's call for Waters to apologize for her threats, it quickly devolved into a racial issue. "She's going to be the first ever press secretary to get full-time Secret Service protection, Sarah Sanders is going to be. Does that bother you that we're at this place?" Burnett asked Rye. Rye said what bothers her is that Maxine Waters' words have been "taken out of context." The enraged Rye quickly moved the conversation toward racial bias against Waters after the California Democrat was denounced by her own party. <blockquote>ANGELA RYE: My point is very simple: I demand that people stop requiring Congresswoman Waters to behave in one way while everybody else can do something else. Nancy Pelosi said let's 'make America beautiful again.' Whose America is she talking about? Steve [Cortes], at the beginning of this program, said this isn't America, this is -- what America are you talking about? [Rapper] Childish Gambino artfully told you what America is and what it looks like. Let's deal with the distinctions you all see because some of us see a very different America. The fact that [Senate Minority Leader] Chuck Schumer called what a black woman said un-American is problematic and this is the reason why Democrats have a hard time uniting the base. BURNETT: But can he not say that just because of the color of her skin? RYE: It has everything to do with the fact that this black woman is intimidating to some people who can't handle the truth. It has everything to do with race.</blockquote>