CNN's Chris Cuomo On Trump-Russia Coverage: "My Conscience Is Clean, My Mission Is Clear"

Special counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway appeared on CNN's 'New Day' for almost an hour Monday morning, where she fiercely defended the point that the network spends more time talking about Russia than they talk about the U.S.A. When Conway confronted CNN's Chris Cuomo Monday morning about the sheer number of reports his network has aired about alleged "collusion" between the Russians and the Trump campaign, Cuomo defends his network. Cuomo argues that CNN does talk about other issues: "We talk about healthcare,we talk about the jobs, we had the VA secretary here... Kellyanne, look--" "Have you seen the polls?" Conway asked. "That show the American people want the media to move on from Russia and cover things that actually affect them." Conway interrupts and requests: "Look the people in the eyes that you grew up with in Astoria, [Queens] and I grew up with in South Jersey... and tell them that right now you are telling them everything President Trump is doing for them? $100 million for apprenticeship programs." <b>"My conscience is clean, my mission is clear. I cover what I think matters to people. I test power, and I take the consequences every damn day," </b>Cuomo said. His brother is the Democratic Governor of New York.