Carville: People Are Going To Die Without Clinton Foundation

Veteran Democratic operative James Carville fights back against <a href="">Donald Trump's call to close down the Clinton Foundation</a>. Carville defended the Clintons and told CNN they "never took a nickel out of the foundation." Carville said opponents will "probably be successful" in shutting down the foundation but people will die because of it. "First of all, the Clintons never took a nickel out of the foundation," Carville said Monday night on CNN. "In fact, they gave a million dollars. So let's stop... the second thing is I'm sorry, but the foundation negotiated prices to lower malaria [drugs] to cents. I don't know how many people -- at Charity Watch they have a five star rated chairty. You can't get a higher rating for a charity." "So the Clinton Foundation was, a, taking no money for the Clintons, raising money from rich people and giving it to poor people," Carville said. "And all of a sudden, the press has decided that we're going to go after this and shut it down. And you know what, you are probably going to be successful. There will be people that are going to die because of this." "Everything that I have been associated with Bill Clinton with, the three things I'm most proud of," Carville said, "first, he stopped the genocide in Bosnia. Second, the human genome project of which my kids and grandkids will forever thank him for. And third is the Clinton Foundation. The number of lives that they have." "Then why don't you hear Hillary Clinton and others, more Democrats, making that argument?" CNN's Anderson Cooper asked.