Kurtz To Trump Critic Jonah Goldberg: Why Not Say He Did Right Thing When You Support Him On An Issue?

Howard Kurtz interviews "fierce critic" of Donald Trump for this week's edition of <i>MediaBuzz</i> on the FOX News Channel. <blockquote>KURTZ: Jonah Goldberg has been a fierce critic of Donald Trump since the campaign and he is still feeling the backlash. He writes every day I'm criticized because of my coverage of President Trump even if I include praise or beneficial context. A Fox News Contributor and senior editor of national view joins me now. You say your criticism of Trump has changed your situation at Fox. JONAH GOLDBERG, NATIONAL REVIEW: I'm fine with the position of fierce critic, but praised him when I thought it was his due, that is my job. When I started criticizing Donald Trump when he got more popular on the right, one of the most things that I discovered was how many people were mad at me for not living down to their expectations. There are a lot of pundits on the right who think their job is to be a cheerleader for their team. That is not my job. My job is to tell the truth as I see it, and that is gotten a lot of people angry. KURTZ: So in terms of financial impact, giving speeches, appearances on TV, you think you have taken a hit? GOLDBERG: I don't think there is a conspiracy on Fox. I used to be on CNN. Television news tends to have a format for the base. If you are a Democratic administration, you have conservatives criticizing it and liberals defending it. If a Republican administration the other way around, I am sort on the grey area on this, because I don't follow the talking points of the Trump boosters or certainly don't follow the talking points of the insane left. So sit creates this weird space I have never been in before where I don't have a team where I used to. KURTZ: You were explaining to New York Times magazine about the story of (inaudible) that you believe that represent your position and quoted as saying bout a never Trump movement, that was about the GOP primary in general election, and not the presidency. GOLDBERG: Which was factually true, for the quote and quote never-Trumpers, the point was I wasn't going to vote for him or endorse him, I didn't think he should be the nominee of the Republican Party. But the fact is he is president of the United States. But what the left wanted the never-Trumpers to do is say he should not be president. He was lawfully elected. It doesn't mean I give up my skepticism and start waving the foam finger as a cheerleader. But he is a president of the United States and you have to give him a shot. KURTZ: You got a call from the New York Times fact checker. You ended up complaining about the (inaudible), what happen? GOLDBERG: Right, the New York Times agrees that it was mischaracterized. KURTZ: Put in an editor's note after you weighed in. GOLDBERG: The point of Pearl Stein argument was by me saying never Trump is over, it meant I dropped to my knees and embraced our new president. It's factually not true. I have been very skeptical except when I think he is right about some things. The New York Times fact checker never asked me have you embraced Trump as the author suggests. I was asked if I wrote those things that were taken out of context. To their credit, I didn't think it was going to happen. I said the issue isn't that it was criticized. The issue of is its fact actually untrue. KURTZ: Small victory for you, we got half a minute, for example you support President Trump's airstrikes against Syria, but at the same time you wrote that they are breathtaking hypocritical, why not just say he did the right thing and I support him on this particular issue. GOLDBERG: I did say that he did the right thing, it is true and I think the problem is he is doing good stuff on China as well, but the flip-flops, when I heard your previous conversation about it. They should give some people cause, concern that he is not as committed to this thing called Trumpism as a lot of us thought. He is calling these things on the fly and that is something to be aware of.</blockquote>