A Fitness Entrepreneur's Rules for Self-Care

They involve candy and whiskey. In collaboration with BCBGMAXAZRIA. If the red candy hearts and proliferation of sappy love songs that are unavoidable this time of year haven't made it clear, Valentine's Day is officially this close. And whether you're shacked up or not, the whole idea of the holiday can feel, frankly, a little... lame. Has anyone, for instance, ever actually had a truly great Valentine's Day? Or at the very least, one that didn't involve overly orchestrated dinner reservations and a crowded romantic comedy screening? Didn't think so. When you reframe the whole thing as a day for yourself, where no indulgence is too big, and the only person you have to rush to the grocery store to buy color coordinated cupcakes is yourself, though? It's kind of a game changer. That's why, this year, we propose dedicating Valentine's Day to showing yourself love—no matter how trite it can sound. Videographer: Renée Rodenkirchen Photographer: Jake Rosenberg Writer: Meagan Wilson Stylist: Emily Ramshaw