Tom Bevan: Democrats Questioning Trump's Legitimacy Are Playing A Cynical And Dangerous Game

RCP co-founder and publisher Tom Bevan discusses the 27 Democratic members of Congress planning to boycott Donald Trump's inauguration with Fox Business Network's Neil Cavuto. "Anybody who has covered politics knows there is a certain amount of hypocrisy that goes along with it," Bevan said. "The shoe is always going to end up on the other foot, but this is different. The speed, the way the Democrats have done this. Just a couple of months ago, they were up in arms over Trump's answer to a question at the debate that he might possibly question the legitimacy of the election. And here we are, just a couple months later, and we've got Paul Krugman writing that this is 'an act of patriotism.' You've got John Lewis, Dianne Feinstein. These are not cooky backbenchers, these are major players in the Democratic Party, openly questioning his legitimacy. Saying the outcome of the election was altered. This is very cynical and dangerous, the game that Democrats are playing here."