How Laura Brown & Jonathan Waxman Met

How We Met... When Laura Brown met Jonathan Waxman In case you haven’t caught on yet, there’s one thing we love almost as much as fashion at TC HQ, and that thing is food. So, when we had the chance to hang out with Jonathan Waxman (a.k.a Waxy: the chef and owner of Barbuto, which ranks pretty high on our favorite NYC restaurants list) and Laura Brown (a.k.a L.B.. The executive editor at Harper’s Bazaar, which also ranks pretty high on our daily must-read list), we were pretty excited. We mean, the charismatic duo is just begging for their own cooking show. But the real heartwarming part was hearing the story of how they met and how their unlikely friendship came to be. Settle in with a massive bowl of carbonara (as you do), and learn all about how two of our favorite New Yorkers became best buddies. Just go press play. Videographer and Photographer: Renée Rodenkirchen Writer: Alicia Cesaro