Larry King Rips Cable News Networks: There Is No News Anymore, "It's All Trump"; Calls CNN Liberal

Legendary TV talk show host Larry King said there is "no news" broadcasted on cable networks anymore. He said it is "all Trump" in <a href="">an interview on the <i>Adam Carolla Show</i> that aired on Monday</a>. King complained about the age of partisan cable news channels, the overuse of the 'breaking news' alert, and the lack of actual news aired on the networks. King was not afraid to criticize his long-time former network CNN. He said the network is "all panels," often with 8 (or more) guests. The former CNN host said MSNBC is liberal, FOX News is conservative, and his former home is "sorta liberal." King also said the recent interview of porn star Stormy Daniels is all about "audience" and the networks know they can get eyes with that type of TV. King called it "laborious" and said there is "no news" on cable news networks anymore. "It's all Trump. There are no news," he said. "We don't have any kind of shows like I used to do," King lamented. "They don't exist. It's all spit it out, get it in, get it on. 24 hour news." "Everything is breaking news. Do you notice that?" King asked. "Yes," the Carolla crew answered in unison. "When you get flooded with things and everything is breaking news, what's breaking news?" King asked. "You could put a montage together of Hannity, who always has a major bomb coming out, dropping, breaking. This is mind-numbing stuff. And then you flip over one station, Rachel Maddow is doing the same thing. 'Oh my God, this just came out. Just moments ago this came out,'" Carolla said. "The first 175 times or so you get sucked into it and then you go, 'Wait a minute. Every Wednesday, every week there is always something big all the time,'" he said. "Sean Hannity thinks Hillary Clinton is president," King said. "It's incredible what they've (FOX News) become." However, King also had criticism for MSNBC, a channel he said more suits his political views. "And MSNBC, also while I might agree with them more, that still gets laboring," he said. "CNN is all panels. You ever notice? 8 guests," he said of the cable news network. "I was thinking about Anderson Cooper went to go interview the ex-Playmate who is alleged to have slept with [Trump]. And I said to my wife last night if you're Anderson Cooper, don't you go, 'I know what this is.' Like, I'm not a journalist but if somebody said fly out to California and talk to this chick who may have slept with Trump like 10 years ago. I'd just he going, I don't want to do that, I'm a journalist. I don't want to talk to her." "I'm educated, I'm a journalist. I'm sure she slept with the president 9 years ago or whatever it is. I'm sure she was in Playboy in 2003 and whatever it is. That's fine. I want to go do something. There's got to be a war breaking out," Carolla said, acting as how a journalist would react to interviewing porn stars. "The answer is audience," King said. "These networks want audience and they know that that interview on <i>60 Minutes</i>, Anderson does the <i>60 Minutes</i> Sunday with Stormy Daniels," King said. "To me, it would be laborious to go through that. If you notice if you watch these cable news networks there are no news. It's all Trump. There are no news," King observed.