4 Broward County Sheriff’s Office Failures Amid Parkland Shooting

4 Broward County Sheriff’s Office Failures 1. Over the years, the office received 23 calls involving the Parkland shooter, Yet, no arrest was ever made. 2. Two of these calls specifically involved warnings of a school shooting. One was summarized by deputies, according to records cited by NPR, As "third-hand information from the neighbor's son that [the shooter] planned to shoot up the school” in an Instagram post. This information was forwarded to the school’s resource officer. Another call advised that the shooter "is collecting guns and knives… [He is] concerned he will kill himself one day and believes he could be a school shooter in the making.” No report was even initiated in this case, according to NPR. 3. The armed school resource officer remained outside of the school for the duration of the shooting. While Sheriff Scott Israel reportedly knew about this, he appeared on a CNN town hall last Wednesday, Where he lambasted the NRA and accused spokeswoman Dana Loesch of “not standing up” for the Parkland students. 4. Several news outlets have reported that 3 additional sheriff’s deputies also remained outside of the school during the shooting, And did not go in until police arrived.