The Type A Creative

As played by Shiona Turini. In Collaboration with Sephora. She’s brainy, bad-ass and makes regular appearances in Forbes. Even her missteps somehow sound like the best idea you’ve never had. Her office looks like a tornado came through at any given time, yet somehow she’s always able to find exactly where things are. She never misses an issue of Fast Company. She’s probably done more than you will in an entire day by 9 A.M., but she won’t make you feel bad about it. Credits: The Type A Creative Entrepreneur: Shiona Turini Director: Renée Rodenkirchen Creative Director: Jake Rosenberg Director of Photography: Ethan Palmer Producer: Lauren Gonzalez 1st Assistant Camera: Ahad Mahmood Key Grip: Lyon Taylor Gaffer: Caleb Seppala Best Boy Electric: Paul Trujillo Audio Technician: Andrew Yip Production Assistant: Alec Kugler Stylist: Pia Aung Stylist Assistant: Kim Nguyen Stylist Assistant: Selin Bozkaya Set Stylist: Sarah Cave for EHM Management Set Stylist Assistant: Audrey L. Bernal Editor: Renée Rodenkirchen Writer: Meagan Wilson