'For the Record': Helping Victims of Violent Crime Restore the Balance of Power

Gun-control advocates spend a lot of time arguing about cases where women and children are the victims of violence, but there is often more to the story. Autumn Parkin is one example of that fact. When she was younger, on two different occasions, Parkin was the victim of violent crime. She told For the Record that those attacks have left her terrified and feeling weak through adulthood. However, she says that changed when she learned to use a handgun. "Training has been tremendously healing for me,” Parkin said. “It wasn’t until I started shooting that I actually started to heal because I got some of the power back. It was very empowering. I didn’t feel so defenseless.” You can hear Parkin’s story in the For the Record episode “Infringed.” It’s available on-demand at theblaze.com/tv.