Ciara gives one lucky fan a lap dance1

A lucky fan is probably thinking it was a good thing Russell Wilson couldn't make it to Ciara's return to the road last night. Ahead of her first tour-related performance in six years, Russell hit Ciara up on Twitter yesterday and wished her luck while also tweeting, "Wish I could be there in Chicago to watch you dominate the stage!" And boy did she dominate! What Russell ended up missing probably would've given him flashbacks as Ciara gave a fan a lap dance during her performance of "I Run It," off of her Basic Instinct LP. Placed on stage and held down by her back-up dancers, the fan was in pure ecstasy as Ci crawled on the floor and then busted that thang open on him before taking him on a short "ride." The sultry performance ended with Ciara's leg across the fan's shoulder and her motioning production to turn the lights down while she buried her face in his neck. There's no doubt that he went home last night and took the coldest of showers!