Chuck Todd: Did Trump "Get A Pass From Voters" On Sex Abuse Claims Because Of Bill Clinton's Behavior In The '90s?

'Meet the Press' host Chuck Todd asks Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar if the way Bill Clinton handled allegations of sexual assault in the 1990s might have "What responsibility to Democrats have in this culture of victim shaming that became pretty prevalent in the 1990s, and all the way to today?" Todd asked. "We have a responsibility to make sure there is a process in place in workplaces where people can come forward, where fairness rules, and where you don't have people making decisions about whether people are promoted, not based on merit, but on whether they put out or not," Klobuchar said. "That is what has happened to some women in our society, and it is time to stop blaming them and start looking at who is doing this." Todd follows up: "What do you say to voters who say: 'Boy all these people who were upset about Donald Trump, they weren't upset about Bill Clinton.' Do you think that one of the reasons Donald Trump got a pass from voters is because of what happened in the 90s with Bill Clinton?" Klobuchar did not answer the question directly but noted: "Donald Trump is our president, what is most important to me right now is that we change policies that are in place to help the people of this country."