What If Roles Were Reversed and Sexual Harassment Was Directed at Men

Sexual harassment looks way different when it's directed at a man. Actors portray scenarios of women sexually harassing men, demonstrating how inappropriate and disgusting it is. This puts things into perspective for present-day society about the lingering issue of sexism and sexual harassment. We need to make a conscious effort to respect women. ATTN: Original Bad behavior Dimension/1:1 Disgusting Distracting Equality Format/Shorts Format/Sketch Gender Inequality Harassment Inappropriate Influencer/Omri Rolan Length/60 Omri Rolan Opening/Top Only Meme Perspective Respect Role Reversal Sexism Sexual Harassment Source/ATTN: Original Switching Gears Syndication/Yahoo Timeliness/Evergreen Topic/Humor Topic/Identity-Men Topic/Identity-Women Topic/Workplace Policy Unacceptable Women's Rights published on attn.com Sentiment/Funny