NYT's Charles Blow: "White People Literally Invented The Racial Caste System"

In a CNN panel that included <i>New York Times</i> columnist Charles Blow, Trump supporter Jeffrey Lord said identity politics prevents immigrants from "assimilating into the larger American culture." "My concern is that we have, with all this business of identifying communities, this community, that community, etc., etc., etc., with all the emphasis on that, that it keeps people from assimilating into the larger American culture," Lord said. Blow told Lord "white people literally invented the racial caste systems in this country." "Look at the American Anthropology Association, there's a whole statement about this. Literally invented it to advantage themselves and disadvantage others," he added. "And then they all became Democrats," Lord shot back. "Okay, you can go with that if you want to," Blow responded. Blow also complained that as "America browns" and there are "more brown babies born in America than there are white babies," now the need to have everyone assimilate is a priority. "It succeeded so well that people were isolated and were forced to create to enjoy and luxuriate in their own cultures," Blow said of the caste system. "And now all of the sudden as America browns and there are more brown babies born in America than there are white babies, all of the sudden then it becomes we now need to look at discrimination against white kids in college. Now we need have everybody assimilated. Now we need everybody to speak English. Blow also said <a href="https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2017/08/02/stephen_miller_vs_cnns_jim_acosta_us_immigration_policy_not_determined_by_statue_of_liberty_poem.html">Stephen Miller pointing out a fact that the poem on the Statue of Liberty was added later</a> is a "white nationalist talking point." "But the idea that it's added later and all that but when it was actually more white faces showing up on these shores, huddled masses, we were embracing that. The historical flip-flopping, it's really fascinating to me. When crack was ravaging the ghettos as they put it, we couldn't wait to have stronger laws and lock them up, they're making bad decisions and they're horrible people and now that it's a bunch of white kids in the suburbs hung out on pain killers, now they're all sick and we need to put billions of dollars into budgets to fix their sickness because they're not bad people, they're just sick. Do you not see this kind of historical flip-flopping and how problematic it is?" Blow asked Lord. "I do see the historical flip-flopping and when I see is when Dr. King said that he wanted an America where his children were judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin. We now have liberals saying in essence that's racist and that's wrong," Lord said. "We have liberals saying what?" an incredulous Blow asked. "That that's racist. That sentiment, to judge people in a color blind society that that is now racist. We all have to identify by race. That's wrong," Lord said.