How We Met... feat. Mickey Boardman & Drew Elliott

When Mickey Boardman Met Drew Elliott Cut to us at 9 in the morning at Drew Elliott’s (better known as Drewpsie) memento-and-art filled apartment. The cameras are on and he and Mickey Boardman are singing us songs from Gypsy at full tilt. If there’s anything that can wake us up and get us excited for the day better than an XXL coffee and avocado toast, this is it. And that’s not all, Elliott, Paper’s Chief Creative Officer, and Mickey Boardman, Editorial Director at the same magazine, put on quite the show, including lots of Boardman-starring hijinks for Elliott’s infamous Snapchat feed (if you’re not already following, may we suggest you do so now? @drewpsie, obviously). And when we got to playing our version of the Newlywed Game, we were surprised to find that they actually seem to know each other better than most married couples (does your boyfriend know what your perfect night out is?!). Click play and prepare to be entertained. Videographer: Renée Rodenkirchen