Anderson Cooper vs. Conway on Trump's Ivanka Comments; "Why Would A Father Say That About His Own Daughter?"

Anderson Cooper asks Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway about Donald Trump's sexual comments about his daughter the Tuesday edition of show CNN show: <blockquote>ANDERSON COOPER: But years later, when asked if it was okay to call his daughter a nice piece of you know what? KELLYANNE CONWAY, TRUMP CAMPAIGN MANAGER: Yeah I don't know if you're trying to drive a wedge between those two, but good luck, they're very csend have a beautiful relationship. COOPER: No, just why would a father say that about his own daughter? I don't understand. CONWAY: The question I have is, why can't CNN cover Obamacare and ISIS and radical Islamic terrorism. COOPER: We do, all the time. CONWAY: No, you don't. Respectfully, you don't. 94 million people -- COOPER: You guys should know we do, because you watch CNN all day long. CONWAY: You don't want to cover it now, you want to talk over. You don't want to hear that there are over 60 million women in poverty on President Obama's watch. And Hillary Clinton has been fighting for women and children for 30 years. Where's the deliverable. COOPER: You clearly don't want to address what your candidate said about his own daughter or allowed others to say about his own daughter in front of him, which a lot of people think is kind of odd. CONWAY: I've addressed it many times. I've addressed it many times. I've addressed what he said this weekend many times. COOPER: I haven't heard you address the thick on Howard Stern about 'a nice piece of you know what?' CONWAY: You want me to address something he said on Howard Stern ten years ago or 15 years ago, but you don't want to talk about the fact that Hillary Clinton defended a rapist successfully, and I want everybody to remember the name Kathy Shelton. She deserves a hearing. I know CNN did not want to put her on CNN the other night when she was in the debate hall. I thought it was incredibly courageous and brave of her to be there. COOPER: i should just point out, we did an entire piece on that case just last night going into all the details. all right, Kellyanne Conway, I always do appreciate you being on. We're going to listen in for any news from the Trump rally tonight and get the panel's take on all of this right after a quick break.</blockquote>