Ted Cruz: Outside of DC, Nobody Asks About Russia

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz discusses the legal "farce" surrounding accusations that President Trump colluded with Russia. <BLOCKQUOTE>SEN. TED CRUZ: This is a ll a political circus at this point. Democrats, and much of the liberal media are using this as an an excuse just to attack the president. They want this president to fail, they want the administration to fail. That is really unfortunate. There is an amazing divide. When you are in Washington D.C., the only question any reporter wants to ask about is about Russia, impeachment, attacking the president. When I go home to Texas I travel the state, I answer questions from people across the state, nobody asks about that. They ask about Obamacare: Are you going to repeal this disastrous law so my premiums go down and I can afford health care... People outside of Washington are interested in real policies that are going to produce jobs and raise wages. They are not interested in the circus., the nonsense, the attack game of personal destruction that consumes Washington. </blockquote>