Miry Whitehill Helps Refugees Settle in Southern California

Miry's List, has a team of 30 people working to keep the machine running. Most families comes to Miry's List as a lead from a caseworker or a motel manager, or a text in Arabic from a number founder Miry Whitehill doesn't recognize. The list-making begins promptly. A team member who speaks the family's language calls to get the vital stats: names, ages, genders, clothing and shoe sizes. They visit the home to get a better sense of what the family needs. All of that info is passed to a volunteer personal shopper, who crafts an Amazon wish list of 100 or so items, from socks to dish drainers to boxes of crayons. Whitehill herself reviews each list, then posts it to MirysList.org with a photo of the family and their bio. Within days, the family opens their door and there's a pile of boxes from Amazon. Read the L.A. Weekly article <a href="http://www.laweekly.com/news/mirys-list-has-crowdsourced-donations-for-refugees-from-syria-and-beyond-8177556">here</a>