Dershowitz: Kushner Meeting Russians, Even Politically Coordinating With Russians "Just Not A Crime"

In an MSNBC segment hosted by Stephanie Ruhle, legal expert Alan Dershowitz responds to breaking reports that President Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner's contacts with Russians are being investigated. Dershowitz explained how even the worst of the worst things the Trump team is being accused of doing vis-a-vis Russia aren't against the law. "Just simply not crimes," he said. <blockquote>ALAN DERSHOWITZ: Let's assume the worst case scenario. Let's assume the worst case scenario. Let's assume there was a quid-pro-quo. Let's assume that the Trump campaign promised: 'If you help us get elected, we'll drop the sanctions.' How is that different from what President Reagan did with Iran? President Reagan, the campaign, promised Iran that there would be some quid-pro-quo if Iran didn't hold back and release the hostages after the inauguration of President Reagan. So, when we start to criminalize things we don't like -- in the absence of federal criminal statue, and I still want to know: Where's the beef? What is the statue? What are they investigating them for? Is it obstruction of justice? Is it treason? Is it accesory to hacking? None of these things seems to me to constitute violations of federal criminal law. </blockquote> Full interview below: