Issa: FBI And DOJ "Lying Through Their Teeth," Rosenstein Needs to Recuse Himself

Rep. Darrell Issa accused the Justice Department and FBI of purposefully misleading Congress when it comes to the origin of the Trump-Russia investigation. "I believe they're lying through their teeth," the California Republican said on Fox News Channel's "Sunday Morning Futures" with Maria Bartiromo. Issa, formerly chair of the Oversight Committee, declared that it is "very much a tradition" for the Justice Department to lie to Congress and wished Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes and Oversight Committee Chair Trey Gowdy good luck finding the truth. "To be honest, the deputy needs to recuse himself. We need to have a level of transparency. Probably not one person but multiple people who in fact oversee this to make sure that the American people get what they deserve," Issa said. "The FBI doesn't have clean hands," <a href="">Issa said later</a>. "The Department of Justice and their partners don't have clean hands. And so we, as the oversight, if you will, of that branch, cannot and should not trust them. We should demand the transparency that we're entitled to, and we need to be in front of a federal judge so that we have two against one, because it is clear we are not getting where we need to go fast enough." <blockquote>REP. DARRELL ISSA: I've been in their shoes of having to sit at the table in meetings with Justice [Department officials], and then having to turn that "good conversation" into actual production of documents. BARTIROMO: It is easier said than done, I think is the point there, right? ISSA: I once sat in the capitol with [Fmr. Attorney General] Eric Holder as he told me there were only 200 documents, and he would give us those documents in an unprecedented way if we put an end to the investigation of Fast & Furious. Tens of thousands of additional documents, some of them showing his actual interference with the discovery process, and we're still not done with it. It is very, very much a tradition at the Department of Justice to come in an tell Congress what they want to hear, lie to them if necessary, hope they don't get caught on their watch. BARTIROMO: Well, maybe... Do you believe you are getting honest answers from the FBI and DOJ? ISSA: No, I don't. I believe they're lying through their teeth. If you want to tell the truth, do the same thing you do in front of a federal judge... Allow a full in camera review. I'm not there at the negotiating table, this is now Trey Gowdy's watch, but when I was there we would most often say, 'If you say it is too voluminous and it will take too long, great, we'll sit by your side and search and look and narrow down things we don't need.' But to do that, we need to see everything unredacted... Give our investigators, who have clearances, the opportunity to sift through. This is exactly what they didn't do in Fast & Furious or Benghazi, or the IRs. And it took IGs, subpoenas, FOIA, and judges. And we still don't have the whole truth in each of those cases, particularly, Benghazi and Fast & Furious. </Blockquote>