Charlie Cook on Roy Moore: "Rules Have Changed" Since 1992 When Bill Clinton Won Despite Sex Assault Accusations

On Sunday's edition of 'Meet the Press,' National Journal columnist Charlie Cook opines on the cultural ramifications of allowing politicians who have been accused of sexual assault or rape to take office. "I would argue that the rules have changed in the last 25 years," he said. "Bill Clinton in 1992, before the New Hampshire primary was hit with Gennifer Flowers telephone recordings, the Vietnam draft story. In the old days, he would have dropped out, and if he didn't he would have lost. But he toughed it out, he survived. All the way up through last year with the Billy Bush tape... Normally the candidate would have dropped out. Donald Trump stayed in and won." "So I don't know what is going to happen here -- you really can't predict anymore," Cook said about Roy Moore's run for the Senate in Alabama.