Reid: Congress Has Failed In Recent Years Because Republicans Ended Earmarks; "Proud" Of My Spending

Outgoing Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) told Nevada's NPR station ending the practice of 'earmarks' is one of the reasons Congressional relations deteriorated in recent years. <blockquote>KNPR-AM: <i>Caller Mike wanted to know about the efforts to cut pork in Washington, D.C.</i> REID: I think one of the reasons Congress has failed in recent years is because they arbitrarily, the Republicans and I’m sorry to say Obama worked with them, and that is they cut out earmarks. We have a constitutional duty to have congressional directed spending. I’m very proud of what I was able to do with congressional directed spending. I believe as someone who was born and raised in Nevada, been in government all these many years, I think I know has much about what Nevada needs as someone who works in the bowels of the Energy Department or the Interior Department. I think the country worked pretty well for many generations when you kept the president from determining all the money that should be spent and we had earmarks. The appropriations process doesn’t work anymore. Why do you think we’ve had these omnibus spending bills at the end of the year because Congress can’t agree on a spending bill. </blockquote> In his exit interview with KNPR-AM, Reid also revealed <a href="">his granddaughter gets triggered when she sees Trump bumperstickers</a>.